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LSL Editor – simplify your scripting life

Scripting using the default SL Editor  can be a pain sometimes, mostly if you are walking your first steps in LSL. That’s why I highly recommend to use LSL Editor instead.

LSL Editor is an external APP written by Alphons Jano that you can use to write your LSL scripts. It has many features, some standards like syntax coloring and auto-complete (wich in-world editor doesn’t support), but also it comes with advanced features like a console to test your script output and event testers like start_entry and touch_start, or more complex ones like http_request!.

With LSL editor you can script even when the grid is offline with ease and speed, click here to visit the homepage.

Group name Grabber V2

One very helpful member – Cleo Collins – noticed that Linden Labs had changed the format of the search result page, breaking our Group Name Grabber service in the process. She’s donated a revised version of it, which is now live on our server.

You can see Cleo’s code after the break.

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Excuse our dust!

This is going to be the new home of the Secondlife group – Script Academy. You’ll find howtos and tutorials here, as well as information and profiles on scripters for hire.

Come back another time to see how we’re progressing, or if you want to help us out, contact Ilse Mannonen or Hippyjim Starbrook in-world.